As an innovation leader, Yanfeng stays on top of trends, such as autonomous vehicles and urban mobility.

These developments call for revolutionary changes in the vehicle’s interior styling, feel, comfort, and functions. We are pioneering these changes – so future drivers and passengers can reap the full benefits of tomorrow’s cars. Explore our concept cars, which showcase our innovative interior solutions for future mobility.


Through unique experience modes, the XiM23 shows how traditionally luxurious features can be elevated with technology integrations, becoming infinitely flexible and intelligently orchestrated to address the 5 aspects of luxury, meeting users’ wants, needs, and preferences.



By combining physical features with digital intelligence, Yanfeng has enhanced interactions between occupants and the vehicle itself. With fully integrated smart surfaces and reconfigurable touch displays, the XiM21s offers passengers an infinitely adaptable space and unique onboard experience, whether the vehicle is used for ridesharing or personal use. Thanks to integrated sensors, the Smart Cabin automatically adjusts the interior ambiance through climate, scent, audio, and lighting. UV-light sanitizes surfaces, immersive entertainment engages, and advanced comfort features fulfill passengers’ evolving needs and expectations. In-depth user research conducted by the company helped define which technologies and features should be included and how they should be integrated.



The Experience in Motion 2021 (XiM21) showcases Yanfeng's innovation integration capabilities in its complete product portfolio, including interiors, seating, passive safety, cockpit electronics, and exteriors. The XiM21 offers unique, meaningful user experiences and intuitively presents the latest smart cabin technology that is market-ready and can be commercialized within the next five years.



Inspired by a global shift in Quality of Life priorities, XiM20 is a reflection and result of the most in-depth primary research that Yanfeng (previously Yanfeng Automotive Interiors) has done to date. This fully autonomous rideshare concept showcases technologies that stimulate the senses and allow passengers to customize the in-vehicle experience to match their journey and preferences.

The XiM20 interior is designed with two distinct zones: the bright and airy “exposure” area at the front, and a more private cocoon-like “enclosure” area at the rear.



Explore the vehicle of the future – the XiM18. As autonomous driving quickly becomes reality, we are ready with revolutionary vehicle interiors technology that transforms a car into a mobile living space.



The XiM17 by Yanfeng (previously Yanfeng Automotive Interiors) helps answer the question, “What will people do in their vehicle, if they no longer have to drive?” Designed to enable the use of several modes: lounge; meeting; family; and driving, the XiM17 showcases the various ways the interior can be used. 


Innovation Demonstrator (ID16)​

Get behind the wheel of our Innovation Demonstrator (ID16) and experience this unique premium SUV interior. Explore new possibilities enabled by autonomous driving technology. It won’t be long before driver and occupants can work, play and chat while the car does the driving.
ID16 integrates more than 30 innovations, most of them ready to sell.