Interiors Expertise

Yanfeng is transforming how people experience automotive interiors – creating the next living space where look, feel and function are seamlessly integrated to enable end-user experiences that are functional, emotional and defining. Studies show that for consumers, the interior is an increasingly important element guiding the vehicle purchase decision. While overall appearance is certainly critical, new functionalities, human-centric design and seamless technology integration are also key drivers of consumer’s decisions.

Come explore what Yanfeng has to offer in this exciting space...

Cockpits & Instrument Panels

The cockpit combines the instrument panel with key vehicle systems such as steering, braking, air conditioning, cockpit electronics, airbags as a passive safety solution, in addition to many other functions. The cockpit is what front seat passengers primarily interact with in a vehicle, so it needs to serve as an intuitive hub for engagement, driven by the seamless integration of Yanfeng’s in-house portfolio of technologies.

Door Panels

Yanfeng is reinventing the in-vehicle experience for consumers by optimizing safety, storage, comfort and styling. Yanfeng is one of the world's leading suppliers of door panels, and offers industry leading features including stitched and leather wrapping, ambient lighting, smart switches and the functional integration of technologies such as large panel heating. The use of sustainable or recycled materials, including natural fiber-based carrier materials which also deliver weight savings, are critical to reducing overall vehicle carbon footprint.

Floor Consoles

The floor console plays a unique role within the center of the vehicle’s interior, offering extensive utility for both front and rear passengers. Yanfeng’s innovative floor consoles designs provide new features and functions, such as adaptive volume solutions, wireless charging stations and advanced storage capabilities that are easily accessible for consumers.

Overhead Consoles

Yanfeng brings ambient and functional lighting and other design elements together to add distinctive styling elements while also making it easier to locate and operate certain vehicle functions. In addition to being another convenient central storage or switch control area, the overhead console can deliver hygiene-related benefits via an integrated UV surface and air sanitizer or a scent dispenser to enhance the overall cabin environment and the wellbeing of passengers.

Hard Trim

Yanfeng’s full range of hard trim solutions complete the seamless interior integration approach, exhibiting excellent fit and finish in a broad range of materials while capable of integrating passive safety, lighting, display elements and other “smart surface” technologies.

Integration Capabilities

Safety Integration

Yanfeng is the only tier-one automotive supplier that can combine and integrate a broad passive safety product portfolio into the vehicle design of the future. This means, wherever the passenger may be seated, Yanfeng is developing advanced, integrated system solutions driving performance, cost-competitive solutions, and a consumer experience that will lead the industry.

Lighting Technologies

Lighting has the power to influence our wellbeing and our mood. Lighting solutions can also be deployed to enrich the in-vehicle Human Machine Interface (HMI) experience and improve passenger safety in combination with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Yanfeng develops, produces and integrates smart lighting components across our interiors portfolio to illuminate the interior experience.

Decorative Trim

Imagine the in-vehicle appearance without decorative elements – it is like the i without a dot… Yanfeng is seamlessly integrating decorative trim solutions that enhance the vehicle brand image with a full range of colors, shapes and materials, including the look and feel of authentic materials such as real wood, metals or even new materials derived from recycled or sustainable sources.

Smart Surfaces


Like a smartphone or tablet, our smart surfaces provide user configurable, intuitive interfaces seamlessly integrated within the overall vehicle interior. Yanfeng is developing smart surfaces that combine innovative automotive interior aesthetics and Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies to create an incomparable experience in motion

Sustainable Materials & Processes

Like all responsible businesses, Yanfeng is globally driving towards a CO2 neutral future for future generations. Sustainability is not just a new trend or buzzword for Yanfeng as the company has been producing lightweight, natural fiber-based carrier materials for more than 65 years.