We are industry leaders innovating the future of mobility with our extensive portfolio.

Styling, comfort, and functionality meet within a vehicle's cabin. Yanfeng's interiors, safety, seating, electronics, and exteriors portfolio enable experiences in motion for drivers and passengers. 

Sustainable Products

Yanfeng is committed to integrating sustainability in all that we do; in our products, our processes, and our facilities. Our Compression Hybrid Molding (CHyM), made using a unique combination of natural fibers and injection molded features, is a lightweight solution for door panels, instrument panels, and floor consoles. Explore our sustainable product portfolio or our roadmap to learn more about how Yanfeng is integrating sustainable practices into all we do.

Smart Systems

Intuitive features, functions, and interfaces are essential to the end-user experience. With Yanfeng's broad product portfolio, digital capabilities, and combined experiences across all of our business units, we can deliver comprehensive system solutions to our customers. Learn more about how our holistic digital and physical solutions are seamlessly integrated to enhance the in-car experience. 


Our Portfolio