Experience in motion. For a better life on board.

Our vision

To be the best automotive component supplier in the world — that’s our vision.

Yanfeng is devoted to becoming the global leader in automotive component industry by ensuring the highest level of satisfaction from our customers, shareholders, employees and local communities.

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Our mission

Better life through automotive innovation.

Yanfeng is a trailblazer in the automotive industry. We combine cutting-edge technology with innovative styling and dedication in designing our products to ensure an exceptional driving experience. Our goal is not just to meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers.

With a heritage of long-term relationships, we work in collaboration with our customers. 

We listen closely to them, to understand their needs, not only in the near future but decades from now.

Our brand

We work with our customers to not only design best-in-class products, but to push the boundaries of what it means to relax, work and play inside vehicles. We transform how people experience vehicle – creating the next living space where look, feel and function are seamlessly integrated to enable enduser experiences that are functional and emotional, life-changing and defining.

We will create a better life on board for tomorrow and today, keeping user experiences in motion.

That is who we are and what we stand for.

The sum total of our brand’s strength is reflected in our name. To continue providing solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations – that’s our vision, our passion and our aspiration.
This is embodied in the name Yanfeng (Yan  and Feng 锋). The Chinese character yan means to inherit and develop, while feng refers to a market trailblazer.

What is important for us and characterizes our strength

Our unique vision, mission, values, culture and brand set us apart in what is a highly competitive market. Our unique skill set not only distinguishes us from the rest but also lets us live up to our brand promise of being our customers’ preferred partner.

Customer focus

Our customers’ needs are our top priority. This is why we aim to forge strong, enduring customer partnerships built on trust.


Innovation is integral to everything we do. We don’t just design and manufacture best-in-class components but also enhance end users’ on-board experiences.


We foster a corporate culture and environment that encourages innovation and stimulates employee creativity, making our company a great place to work.


We are the global industry leader in automotive development and manufacturing. This is down to our unmatched product portfolio paired with deep vertical integration in manufacturing and excellence in execution, letting us rapidly bring superior new solutions to market.

People & processes

With our workforce of over 55,000 passionate experts, we pursue high standards of excellence and seamless program execution, our sights firmly fixed on efficiency and continuous improvement.

Global scale

We are a truly global company, present in all the world’s major automotive markets. Our in-depth expertise spans North America, Europe and Asia – where we are uniquely positioned to tap the world’s fastest growing automotive markets.

Our culture

Collaborative. Global. Innovative. Sustainable. That’s who we are. Around 55,000 people across the globe, we have many different lifestyles and cultures. But one thing unites us all: We are a team of experts truly dedicated to serving and anticipating our customers’ needs, driven by excellence and passionate about providing a better life on board. Encouraged to innovate and collaborate in our creative working environment, we all pull together to produce that superior on-board experience.

CSPIRIT – the shared values of our global team

Our culture is shaped by the shared values of our global team. We may come from different parts of the world and speak a variety of languages, but we are united in our work and shared values, known as CSPIRIT.








Yanfeng: A great place to work

At Yanfeng, you will be part of a diverse, global team truly dedicated to anticipating and reimagining how society will live and work inside the vehicles of tomorrow.

By collaborating closely with your colleagues around the world, you will forge strong relationships as you create innovative products and processes to transform the automotive industry.

Yanfeng is an exciting, fast-paced environment where you will be challenged every day and have opportunities to push yourself and assume responsibility. Best of all, you can make a real difference. With the backing of your team, you will be inspired to adapt and evolve.

Ready to get your career in motion? Together, let’s transform the automotive industry and redefine the way people experience life on board vehicles.