More than 85 years of experience, expertise and excellence

Over the past decades, Yanfeng has passed down its visions and values from one generation to the next. Yanfeng has risen to the challenges of the times, remaining bold, breaking down boundaries, and striving to make the impossible possible.

From a craftsman's workshop, producing tailor-made wooden parts, to a global company with diversified, automotive product groups, Yanfeng has always had a pioneering spirit. For more than 85 years, Yanfeng has innovated, grown, and reimagined the industry, becoming a world-class supplier with locations across the globe. 

Today, Yanfeng has become a global supplier, employer, and expert within the automotive industry and is transforming from a traditional interior supplier to a cabin system service provider. As we continue to expand product lines and improve integration capabilities, our goal is to bring customers a more efficient one-stop experience on a global scale.

In this new era, Yanfeng is focused on smart cabin and sustainability, exploring future mobility, and providing leading interior solutions. Our pioneering spirit, captured by our name “Yan-feng,” can be seen across our business, as being the indispensable DNA inherited in every stage.