Safety Systems Expertise

People’s safety is non-negotiable. Yanfeng is committed to and champions a Zero-Defect Culture to ensure each passive safety products performs perfectly, every time. The only system supplier that also offers system integrations for interiors, seating, electronics and safety products, Yanfeng develops, manufactures, and markets products such as airbags, seat belts, and steering wheels.

Steering Wheels

The steering wheel is a central zone of control and interaction for drivers. By combining functionality and luxurious design with materials like leather, painted deco, and smart surface integrations, steering wheels serve as an easily-accessible interface for drivers to engage with safely. We are actively developing smart steering wheels with electronic features such as haptic switches, hands-on-detection (HOD) and light bars.


Hidden in plain sight, airbag integrations ensure passenger’s safety for the road ahead. Curtain airbags, passenger airbags, seat side airbags: Yanfeng offers a full range of airbag development, manufacturing capabilities and product performance that are far beyond national and regulatory standards.

Seat Belts

Seat belts, in combination with airbags, is the cornerstone for passenger safety providing primary occupant protection. Yanfeng is providing a complete range of seat belt solutions globally that meet high safety requirements. An excellent combination of functionality and safety for the consumer.

System Integration

Yanfeng is the only automotive system supplier that offers in-house passive safety and interior integration to make driving mobility safer – today and tomorrow. Future mobility concepts will offer alternative modes of driving. No matter where the passenger will be within the vehicle, Yanfeng is developing already the right advanced safety solution.