The complaints procedure can be used to report violations of the law, in particular against human rights and environmental standards. The notification may relate to Yanfeng's own area business as well as to suppliers and business partners.

In particular, the complaints procedure can be used to report in the following cases:

  • Child labor, forced labor or slavery
  • Disregard for freedom of association
  • Discrimination in the employment relationship
  • Violation of occupational health and safety laws and minimum wage regulations
  • Inducing harmful environmental changes
  • Use of certain chemicals (e.g. mercury)
  • Non-environmentally sound disposal or export/import of hazardous waste
  • Corruption, anti-competitive behavior, antitrust violations
  • Violations of data protection and information security

Protection of the whistleblower

Protecting the identity of the whistleblower and keeping reports confidential is a top priority for Yanfeng.

Throughout the procedure, reports are dealt with according to the "need-to-know" principle. The employees and persons entrusted with the processing of reports are obliged to maintain secrecy. Yanfeng provides a way to submit reports anonymously through the Integrity Helpline.

Insofar as personal data is processed in the context of reports, this is done in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. More information can be found here.

Yanfeng does not tolerate retaliation and other negative consequences for the whistleblower. If you believe that you are suffering intimidation or reprisals as a result of your reporting of possible violations of the law, you can report to the Integrity Helpline.

Complaints office

All employees and external parties can contact the Integrity Helpline to report violations of human rights and environmental standards.

The Integrity Helpline is available free of charge around the clock and in many languages. Reports can be made online or by telephone.


1. Online:

2. Telephone: see the list on the right column.


All employees can also contact managers, the compliance department or the local compliance ambassador.



Telephone number



Czech Republic



Dial 0-800-225-5288, then dial 855-831-3125




Dial 000-117, then dial 855-831-3125


001-803-011-3570 007-803-011-0160


KDD: 00531-11-0414
NTT: 0034-800-600286








Dial 0-800-000-101, then dial 855-831-3125


Dial 900-99-0011, then dial 855-831-3125

South Africa



Dial 1-800-0001-33, then dial 855-831-3125

United States of America



Upon receipt of your report, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within seven days. The complaints office documents the report and checks whether the report contains sufficient information or substantiated indications for further processing. If further information is required, you will be contacted by the complaints office via the channel you have chosen. If there is enough information for processing, the next step is to clarify the facts. If neither sufficient information is available nor is it possible to contact us, the case will be closed.

The complaints office investigates the matter itself or hands over the investigation confidentially to another competent department within the company, provided that there are no conflicts of interest in the relevant department. If necessary, external lawyers or service providers specializing in conducting investigations may also be involved. If further information is required on your part in the course of the investigation or if there are further queries, you will be contacted by the responsible department. In any case, you will receive feedback within 3 months regarding the current status of the investigation or we will inform you about the result after the investigation has been completed.

If the investigation reveals violations of the law, appropriate remedial measures will be taken or another form of resolution will be worked out. These are tracked by the relevant department.

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