Seating Expertise

Enhancing the occupant experience requires an intimate understanding of consumers' wants and needs. As a collaborative seating supplier with a highly diversified product portfolio and global manufacturing capabilities, Yanfeng is able to leverage our expertise, integration capabilities, and innovative technologies to meet all of our customers' seating needs.

Complete Seat

Serving our customers as a comprehensive seating solutions provider, our teams around the globe have the capability to design, develop, and support new product development thanks to our broad experience, comprehensive portfolio, vertical integration capabilities, and our extensive manufacturing footprint. With our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we strive to deliver cost-optimized and high-quality products, processes, and materials to enhance the occupant experience.


The little things matter. When it comes to seating trim, a beautifully finished product starts with the right supplier. Our global teams are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of craftsmanship to every project. Whatever styles, seam options, and materials our customers choose, Yanfeng's in-house trim design and development capabilities will result in a finished product with consistent quality and value.


Foam is more than a soft place to land. Through advanced polyurethane chemistry formulated to reduce all forms of VOCs, our foam portfolio is optimized for performance to ensure consumers' comfort and maintain seat craftsmanship over the lifetime of their vehicle. Our teams in all regions can work with our customers to develop the desired solutions through the utilization of our innovative products, product design, and manufacturing expertise.


Head Restraints

Through the addition of integrated adjustment, comfort features, and audio capabilities, head restraints are a growing area of opportunity to transform the occupant experience. Various options for adjustment with both powered and manual versions, give consumers the ability to precisely customize their head restraint position to maximize comfort and safety.



A key touchpoint for occupants, our armrest options can range from a simple, low-cost component that still carries high value within the cabin to a high-level luxury feature that can sport optional features like storage, charging surfaces, and integrated touchscreens to control other features in the interior. All of these features can be offered with a high level of craftsmanship to fit within any vehicle.


Our modular frame has been designed and engineered for cross-vehicle types and platforms. We offer solutions for multiple functionalities of the first-row, second-row, and third-row structures.


Yanfeng-Keiper's mechanism portfolio includes tracks, recliners, adjusters, and latches with each playing a vital role in a seat's function and comfort. Greater flexibility isn't a nice-to-have - it's an expectation within the cabin - and these mechanisms make adjusting and customizing occupant's seating preferences possible. Each component has been rigorously tested and optimized for performance, weight, durability, stability, and cost.


Our compact motor options have been optimized for quality and performance. As a complete seat supplier, Yanfeng offers motor solutions for all adjustment needs.