Positioned for the road ahead.

An extension of your living space tailored to you - vehicles of the not-so-distant future will leverage data and cutting-edge technology to personalize end-consumers' riding and driving experiences. Our complete portfolio of seating, passive safety, interiors, cockpit electronics, and exteriors positions Yanfeng to innovate for the trends that will revolutionize how society experiences mobility and reimagine these spaces as tomorrow's smart cabins. 

Our Smart Cabin Vision

Yanfeng's Smart Cabin Strategy was designed to embrace change. By identifying the key expectations of consumers and our customers, Yanfeng is uniquely positioned to navigate our evolving industry. With a focus on R&D activities, aligning operationally across our business units, and investing in innovation, sustainability, and digital technologies, Yanfeng is making our smart cabin vision production-ready reality for our customer's current and future programs.

Extraordinary Ambiance

Personalized Experiences

Adaptive Interior Layout

Connected Services

Health & Wellness Monitoring

Intuitive HMI

The Future Begins Here

Want to see more? Explore Yanfeng's concept car portfolio. Through our demonstrator vehicle research, design, and development process - known as IVXX - we identify a theme or problem statement that our teams are challenged to solve. Through this nearly two-year process, innovators, engineers, researchers, designers, and communicators come together to compile the data, define the problem, and offer cutting-edge solutions based on consumers' needs.