Sustainability Strategy

Many sectors, and the automotive industry in particular, are facing major challenges with a transition to a low-carbon economy. As a global supplier, Yanfeng must be able to quickly adapt to technological changes and tightening environmental regulations to maintain its current market leadership position. In order to meet market demands and improve our resilience, Yanfeng has embedded sustainability as one of the main pillars of the company’s global strategy with a dedicated Sustainability Roadmap that includes short and long-term goals. 

To set the foundation for our Sustainability Roadmap we have identified immediate short-term actions and initiatives, in addition to medium to long-term goals:

Yanfeng’s short-term goals include:
  • Develop an incentive plan for sustainability goals     
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint Scope 1,2,3
  • Climate-related Risk and Opportunity Assessment Management
  • Emission Reduction Target for each region
  • Customer and Supplier Engagement 
  • Increase of renewable energy sources
Yanfeng’s medium- to long-term goals include:
  • Carbon neutral on Scope 1,2 Scope 3 upstream 50% reduction by 2030


Through our endorsement of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed of our actions and continuous progress, not only on environmental but on social aspects as well.