Innovation Demonstrator (ID16)​

Get behind the wheel of our Innovation Demonstrator (ID16) and experience this unique premium SUV interior. Explore new possibilities enabled by autonomous driving technology. It won’t be long before driver and occupants can work, play and chat while the car does the driving. ID16 integrates more than 30 innovations, most of them ready to sell.

Immediately upon entering the vehicle, you’ll experience the premium look and feel created by our leather surfaces and ambient illumination. Smart surface technologies give new function to what were just simple static surfaces. These new integrated control technologies enable activation and control of many new and existing functions throughout the interior and provide a new and refreshing alternative to conventional switches. Practical and easy-to-access storage areas allow you to better organize the items that you bring on board.

Once on the road you go into ‘autonomous’ mode. The steering wheel automatically moves back to create more space. A rotating table comes out of a redefined floor console. That, in combination with an 18 degree swiveling seatback, creates freedom for the driver to engage in other activities and interact more comfortably with the 2nd row passengers. This is the future of personal mobility.

Additional innovative highlights included in ID16:

  • Smart surface technologies
  • Ambient lighting with deco-trim
  • Rotating table on floor console
  • Sculptured leather surfaces
  • Direct back-foaming of leather surfaces
  • StowSmart flexible storage on door
  • Ergonomic tambour doors, also incorporated into the door panels
  • Convenient catch bin
  • Fully integrated two-way sliding cool box
  • Heated armrest for door armrest
  • Lightweight CHyM Eco-Lite door substrate
  • Slim Airvent with swing air