The XiM23 Demonstrator Vehicle

Inspired by our Luxury Research, the XiM23 demonstrator vehicle responds to the changing demographics, values, societal events, and trends that have altered the traditional definition and expectations of luxury on a global scale.

In XiM23, digital technology elevates traditionally luxurious features by allowing them to become infinitely flexible and intelligently orchestrated to address the 5 aspects of luxury, responding to passengers' needs and desires.

Through the vehicle's unique Calm and Rich modes, users can unlock luxury experiences that are tailored to the user and digitally driven.


Calm Mode

The initial experience, known as Calm Mode, is visually simple and elegant. The minimalistic and less cluttered spaces create a calming experience allowing the passengers to feel more relaxed.

Using pre-set profiles accessed via a mobile app, the XiM23 recognizes its passengers, adjusting its settings to the preferences designated by the driver:

  • Minimal screens are present, and the interior's ambient lighting is soft and airy, guiding the user through each experience 
  • The XiM23's mono-post front seats pivot for easy ingress and egress
  • The steering wheel, outfitted with secret-till-lit lighting and controls, illuminates
  • The curved, pillar-to-pillar display can rise from the instrument panel, revealing an ultra-wide 8K resolution and two additional displays, housed in each floor console, also appear
  • Manual driving option with level two autonomous features such as blind spot monitoring, hands-off detection, and a forward collision warning

When users desire to transition from the serene Calm Mode to the more interactive experience of Rich Mode, the power is in their hands via the multi-controller, a phygital innovation combining a physical dial with gestural controls integrated into the floor console. Once selected, the interior begins to change dramatically...

Rich Mode

During the Rich Mode experiences, the ambient lighting tones of the interior shift and brighten and the instrument panel display rises from 50mm to 100mm, revealing additional features and offerings for occupants to select.

Two central information displays housed in the front and second-row floor consoles also fully extend, becoming accessible for all occupants to adjust the cabin to their preferences and needs.

Autodrive: Immersive Autonomous Driving

When users are ready for a level four autonomous experience, it's as simple as clicking the steering wheel's illuminated "Autodrive" button.

Occupants, no longer tasked with driving, can be present, enjoying the space more fully:

  • The steering wheel column retracts to provide ample legroom
  • The central information display in the front-row floor console can detach from its housing, acting as a tablet
  • The pillar-to-pillar display fully extends to 200mm high

If users choose to further immerse themselves into the XiM23 experience during their autonomous journey, features in the second row create a sense of escapism:

  • Users are treated to the hover seats' deep, zero-gravity recline and entertained by projected overhead lighting
  • A theater-like ambiance brings all eyes to the front of the cabin, where the pillar-to-pillar display features music, movies, or other content tailored to the users' journey