XiM20 (eXperience in Motion 20) Demonstrator Vehicle

A fully autonomous rideshare concept, XiM20 offers new consumer experiences that are customizable to passengers' preferences to better suit their journeys. XiM20 is a reflection of the most in-depth primary research the company has done to date.

Active Space

The Active Space in the XiM20 is a unique combination of in-cabin sensing and surface display technology to enable immersive interaction between passengers and their surrounding interior environment for entertainment, communication, and ambiance.

Smart Interior Surface (SIS) Table

The Smart Interior Surface (SIS) Table is easily accessible on the natural wood table surface where the trip’s sequence is initiated and passengers can control the temperature, sound, UV cleaning, and navigation systems.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a seamlessly integrated display in the XiM20 that features ride information and notifications, providing navigation updates and alerting passengers when they are approaching their destination to prepare for the arrival and gather their belongings.

UV Surface Sanitation

UV frequency light sweeps over the interior to disinfect frequently contacted surfaces between trips in the XiM20.

Never-Forget Storage

With the Never-Forget Storage in the XiM20, storage spaces and bins recognize forgotten belongings, alerting passengers with a series of notifications directing them to the stored item.