Yanfeng presents a new seat concept that reduces product carbon footprint
Low-carbon seat is an important milestone in Yanfeng’s sustainability strategy
Neuss, Germany

Automotive supplier Yanfeng has developed a new sustainable seat – the Reco Seat. From the materials used to the reduced product carbon footprint, this seat from Yanfeng promises to redefine eco-friendly cabin solutions and marks a major step in the company’s sustainability strategy. Utilizing innovative and recycled materials, from foam to the steel frame, the Reco Seat reduces product carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to conventional seating.

A major milestone in Yanfeng’s sustainability strategy

Reco, which stands for Recycle + Eco, represents significant progress towards the company’s climate goals. These goals include the use of recycled raw materials and lightweight components to significantly reduce corporate carbon emissions and the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

“We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable cabin solutions and the development of the new Reco Seat is an important milestone in our sustainability strategy and our contribution to the limitation of global warming to 1.5°C in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement,” said Uwe Borchers, Vice President, General Manager Yanfeng Seating, Europe & South Africa.

Innovative, eco-friendly materials

A focus area of Yanfeng's sustainability strategy is the use of innovative, sustainable materials. The Reco Seat features several materials, including Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polyurethan (PU) trim, recycled foam, thermoplastic foam, a green steel frame, a PET lightweight back panel, and hybrid cushion.

The PET PU seat cover is made from 100% recycled soft drink bottles, reducing product carbon emissions by more than 20%. The foam used in the Reco Seat for the seat and backrest is also environmentally friendly.

Recycled and thermoplastic foam are combined to provide improved seating comfort and support compared to conventional polyurethane foam.

Furthermore, the use of industrial wastewater steam in the foam production and molding process significantly reduces energy consumption and emissions.

Significant reduction of product carbon emissions thanks to recycled steel and green energy

Through Yanfeng’s cooperation with a steel company, the Reco Seat offers a significant reduction of the product carbon emissions. The use of up to 100% scrap steel as the raw material, together with green electricity for the production of the recycled steel frame, reduces the product carbon footprint by over 60%. The seat pan is made from high-strength recycled plastic instead of a traditional metal seat pan, achieving Yanfeng’s goal of replacing steel with plastic.

The seat back panel uses recycled PET to achieve a lightweight and dynamic styling that is also sustainable. In addition, the hybrid cushion uses high strength-recycled composites instead of metal which reduces the PCF by 20% and allows for a wider choice of surface treatment techniques.

“The Reco Seat is currently in the development stage and for us it is a great product example to demonstrate our competencies and start discussions with our customers about sustainability and circularity. Together with our seating engineering and innovation teams we are developing sustainable solutions for the next vehicle generation,” added Borchers.


About Yanfeng:

Yanfeng is a leading global automotive supplier, focusing on interior, exterior, seating, cockpit electronics, and passive safety, and is exploring new business actively. Yanfeng has more than 240 locations and approximately 57,000 employees worldwide. The technical team of 4,100 experts is in 14 R&D centers and other regional offices, with complete capabilities including engineering and software development, styling, and test validation. Focusing on Smart Cabin and lightweight technology, Yanfeng supports automakers to explore future mobility and provide leading cabin solutions.

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