Our Environmental Policy

We will reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing green products and processes, and build a green production system through continual improvement, to protect the ecological environment.

Our commitments are:

  • Implement sustainable development strategy to create value sustainably
  • Fulfill all applicable environmental legal or other requirements
  • Encourage the innovation of environmental protection technology and management, continually improve environmental management system and performance from a life cycle perspective to fulfill the commitment of protecting the environment and striving to exceed the expectations of interested parties
  • Facilitate energy saving and emission reduction, improving ecological benefits

Our Health and Safety Policy

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of everyone working at or visiting any of our global locations.

Our commitments are:

  • Create a safe and healthy workplace, continually improve the occupational health and safety management systems and performance, and strive to prevent all work-related injuries and ill health;
  • Fulfill all applicable legal and other requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) hazards at each location;
  • Focus on the prevention of injuries and the risk controls during the early phase of new projects. Systematically and comprehensively identify risks, improve the effectiveness of risk control and reduce occupational health and safety risks by formulating continuous and forward-looking risk control measures;
  • Enhance the engagement and demonstration of leadership, facilitate and promote the consultation and participation of workers, improve the safety awareness of employees, and build the brand of Safety Culture.